Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Seals and Sea Shanties At The Marine Mammal Safaris

This Saturday I attended the marine mammal safaris boat ride, which was three 1-hour and a half trips out on the sea. Before we got on the boat ride Chris had brought a bag full of pirate clothes for the trip. Me and Garrett ended up dressing up as pirates but I got lucky because I got  to wear the blunderbuss (a fake one) in it's holster, honestly I'd say I pulled off the old pirate costume pretty well. After everyone was all ready we talked to the people about seals and porpoises, took a big group photo, and boarded the boat. When we got on the boat the Captain started speaking a bit more about how to say where you see the seal for example if there is a seal or porpoise on the left side of the boat you should say to look at your 9 o'clock, if it's on your right 3 o'clock, forward would be 12 o'clock in back would be 6 o'clock. Through all the trips I would go around handing out the "daily papers"  while held information about pirates from back in the day for example there was the great Robert Smalls who Robert Smalls was an enslaved African American who, during and after the American Civil War, gained freedom and became a ship's pilot, sea captain, and politician.

The great Robert Smalls taking a photo with one of his fans.

On the first trip apparently there was a seal but I didn't hear or see it because I was too preoccupied entertaining the children on the lower part of the boat, whether it was engaging the children or helping them look for the seals or porpoises I was doing it. The second trip was a little easier and there were not as many people so I did basically the same thing. But the third and final trip we saw it! We saw the great sea puppy swimming around in all its glory! Sadly almost everyone and their mother swarmed around the side of the boat so I could not get a good photo to show you all here, sadly we were not blessed with the sight of a porpoise but there's always next time!

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          Eric Joseph

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