Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hello There!


My name is Sheuli Molla, and I am a new Senior Marine Educator at Save the Harbor/ Save the Bay. This past May I graduated from Stony Brook University with a Bachelor of Science in Marine Sciences. At Stony Brook University, I studied the principals of Marine Ecology, Marine Conservation, and Ecosystem Based Management. I am excited to put my knowledge to work in Save the Harbor's youth environmental education program by reuniting Bostonian youth with nature and the marine environment!

This summer, I hope to teach and learn about everything Boston Harbor has to offer. I am also excited to share my experience and background in marine sciences with our curious harbor explorers at Save the Harbor.

During our program site visits this week, I was able to fully appreciate the majesty of Boston Harbor. From Pleasure Bay to Black Creek, each site is uniquely beautiful and interesting.

At this week's East Boston YMCA Summer Kickoff event, I was delighted to show and tell about marine life by using our saltwater touch tank! Kids from all over Boston were able to see and touch live lobsters, crabs, clams, snails and other critters. At first, most of the kids who approached the tank were scared of the lobster, and wouldn't think about touching it. However, after they saw the Marine Educators holding a lobster, and their friends touching its tail, enthusiasm and bravery became infectious. Kids from every Boston neighborhood exclaimed about how the lobster looked, felt and smelled!

With the excitement of a young Bostonian, I too am enthusiastic about exploring, fishing, crabbing, sailing and doing other marine activities with Save the Harbor/ Save the Bay. I cannot wait to get started and get back to Boston's BEAUTIFUL beaches!

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