Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer time and the livin's easy

Its true boys and girls, it officially summer time in Boston. After working hard all year, heading to school through the rain, sleet, and snow, you all deserve a reward. Your reward you may ask, is the chance to enjoy our beautiful briney sea and all of the fruits that it has to offer. Not literally fruit but a plethora of marine wildlife, refreshing waves, and an overall chill atmosphere. Ushering you through this aquatic walkabout of self exploration, will be me. My name is Conor Brendan Newman, a Lead Explorer returning to Save The Harbor/Save The Bay's for his third year. But do not think for a second that just because I am returning, I am going to sit back and kick up my feet. I plan on having my campers hook mad fish, catch buckets of crabs, and discover the the beaches and docks. Because that my friends, is truly living easy.
Stay Classy Mass,
Conor "Irish" Newman

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