Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Back at George's Island!

  Today I went to George’s Island once again and it was great! I missed the beautiful view of the city over one of the cleanest waters in the city. In the summer we were mostly surround by kids but today was different--I saw a lot of adults getting on the boat and excited to get to the island. I talked to a couple of people and the majority of them have previously been here before but the people that have not were very excited and full of questions. One of the sites on the island that the majority of the people were mostly excited about was the dark tunnel with the Lady in Black. I told them how pitch black the tunnel was and how it is not considered a “dark” tunnel when you use your flashlight from your phone to walk through it and they laughed saying that they would not use their phone to go through it but soon enough I saw a couple of them use their phone inside the tunnel. Also they were very fascinated to find out that the island used to be a prison but it was not hard to believe because then when you walk through the buildings you can kind of tell there used to be prison cells. This also relates to the Lady in Black story about the lady coming to the island to help her husband escape from jail but ended up killing her husband which for some reason made the people want to explore the island more and a couple of people even asked me if I know what cell he used to be in.

This is a picture of us in front of one side of the former prison

But anyways, it was a very great day even though it did not feel the same without David being there to scare people and do the hand thing in the light in the tunnel pretending to be the Lady in Black but overall I had fun and hope to come back soon!

Vince Vila

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