Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Tourin' and Explorin'

Hey everyone,

           The trip to Georges Island was amazing. At first it was kind of nerve wracking to be back and not know what to expect like what I would be saying to the guests on the boat but it went very well. Jennifer, Will, Chris and I started off dressing up like pirates as we greeted our guests and it felt good to notice that they were happy to be joining us on the boat once again.
Pirate Nieomi.
           As Jennifer and I started walking, Bruce noticed that we didn't draw in the crowd he knew we could take in so he told us to be the strong women and to ask families if we could give them a tour. Thats exactly what we did. It was great to take them through the tunnel and tell them the story of the Lady in Black. The kids would continuously ask if they could see the spirit of the Lady and I'd tell them they would have to find out which scared them. Towards the end we took nice photos and it was a success because we were motivated and shown that we can make someone's day.

Families and I at Georges.
Till next time,
   Nieomi Colon

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