Sunday, October 1, 2017

Comcast Internet Essentials - Essential to Save the Harbor in 2017

It takes a lot of carefully placed pieces and strategies to make something like Save the Harbor's Youth Environmental Education Programs the far-reaching success they are today. There's the carefully constructed schedule of cruises, programs and events; there's the STEAM-based curriculum that makes up the core of the education and projects that kids participate in on the beaches and the islands; and of course there is the room full of equipment like fishing rods, crab traps and supplies that need to be in good working order all summer long.

Comcast present the 20 laptop donation to the 2017 Youth Program Staff

There is one thing that, while slightly less visible on a day to day basis, is perhaps one of the most essential tools we use, without which, none of this would be possible. Like most of modern society, we rely on technology, and for us that comes in the form of the laptops donated annually by Comcast.

Save the Harbor is so grateful to continue to be supported by Comcast and Internet Essentials Program in 2017. The computers play a key role in every part of the Youth Environmental Education Programs, most notably by the 20 high school youth who join us each year as Junior Program Assistants. JPAs are the core team that work to connect the region's youth, teens and families to our spectacular urban natural resources in Boston Harbor, the Harbor Islands and the region's public beaches. Twice weekly, 20 individuals distill their experience on the water and the beaches into blog posts, which collectively capture the wide-ranging experiences from Nahant to Nantasket, which would simply not be possible without the technology.

In addition, JPAs participate in financial literacy training, and resume writing workshops with our program staff, again utilizing the technology that makes this possible.

Youth Staff blog back at the Save the Harbor office

Perhaps most exciting is the way in which support from Comcast directly benefits the program sites themselves - from underwater fish cams, to photo editing capability directly at program sites, to the Internet Essential cards donated directly to program participants joining us on free cruises, Save the Harbor is able to "Share the Harbor" in so many new and creative ways thanks to this partnership.

We are looking forward to expanding on this rapidly growing program and discovering new ways to take advantage of this incredible resource.

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