Friday, August 15, 2008

All Access!

Sometimes things get so busy at Save the Harbor / Save the Bay in the summertime that we don't have time to enjoy all the great things you can do on Boston Harbor.

Yesterday I had a chance to go to Georges Island on All Access Boston Harbor with kids from the Somerville YMCA, Camp Harbor View, and some volunteers from Skanska, a construction company that is one of our long-time youth program partners. We all had a great time, and all of us did things we had never done before!

We met at the Bank of America Pavilion , where Frankie, Kat and David introduced us to Harry the Lobster (Larry's younger brother).

The kids from the YMCA had a great time with Ibi working on this weeks murals.

They also enjoyed using the field guides, and touching the tiny skeleton shrimp we found under the dock.

Before we left for the island on the boat with Captain John, David told us all what to expect and then taught us to sing a Sea Shanty, "Haul Away Joe!"

When we got to Georges, we ate lunch, explored the fort, looked for crabs on the beach, and learned how to skip stones. We also cleaned up every bit of trash we carried onto the island!

On the way home we saw Kat and her crew at Castle Island. We got back to the pavilion before the big thunderstorm, just in time to hear Theo Epstein's band perform a sound check. They were great!

I'll try to post a short video of David and everyone singing and some picture from Georges Island over the weekend.


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