Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Inky Business

Here's a picture of me talking about
the different parts of the squid
This week a small squid was found laying on the docks of Harry McDonough. How it got there? We don't know for sure. It's not uncommon to find squid at night in New England waters. Excited about our findings, we took it upon ourselves to learn more about this fascinating creature. Did you know that squid have 8 short arms and 2 long tentacles to help them feed? I explained to everyone that squid eat with a beak and release ink when threatened. We were able to remove the beak, observe it, and write with the ink! Everyone had a blast writing with the black gooey liquid! What will we find next? ~Kat


Pat said...

This sounds really cool... Finding a squid and writing it is exactly what the kids at Piers Park would love to do!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Looking for squids and crabs sounds like tons of fun. It would be awesome to catch a squid.