Monday, August 4, 2008

Life at Piers Park

Hi my name is Jenny and I am a Junior Marine Educator at Save the Harbor Save the Bay. I currently work at Piers Park as an assistant of the harbor explorers. To begin our day at Piers Park the kids and Pat always pull up the lobster traps, which is very exciting for the kids. We have caught red rock crabs, spider crabs, and a couple of lobsters. We bring down a white bucket with us so we can put what we catch in the touch tank. The kids also enjoy crabbing and looking for bait.

Another thing that we all love to do on hot days is have a water fight or run through a giant sprinkler in the park. The kids love spraying us with water guns and getting us soaked. Most of the kids like to fish. So while half of the kids are fishing others are either looking at the touch tank, crabbing or catching bait. The bait we catch is mussels. To use the bait the kids step on the mussels and put them in the crab traps, or others try to attach the mussels to their fishing rods. The boys usually love having crab races or watching the crabs crawl around in the tanks. They usually have names for the crabs also.

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