Friday, June 15, 2012

Back in Boston!

Aboard the Provincetown II for the Youth Partners Brunch!

After finishing up my sophomore year at Hobart and William Smith Colleges in upstate New York, located on Seneca Lake, I was awarded the opportunity to work for STH/STB as a Communication Intern. At college, I have worked through the school newspaper to shed light on the various programs and opportunities locals, college students, and youths have to experience the joy of living on the biggest fingerlake in upstate New York. Back in Boston for the summer, I am hoping to inform and even participate in the events offered at STH while I am here-hopefully getting to see what STH programs are all about! I am a Writing and Rhetoric and Development Studies double major with a History minor and am hoping to use my writing, speaking, media, and communication skills to create a way for the STH/STB youths and students to bring to life their own experiences and reflections of events and trips offered in Boston Harbor. As well, I am interested in see how the logistics of events play out and what type of planning goes into the summer activities and programs that I have been intrigued to experience.

It is important to me to get kids out to the ocean to understand what a unique source Boston Harbor really is. I have been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to grow up in the North Shore Boston area. Long strips of clean, sandy beaches, thick shorelines of tall sea grass, abundant sea critters crawling along the shoreline, and active families and boaters have created an environment where humans and sea life can exist together. My family and I-my sister, brother, mom and dad (and the two dogs of course, Moxie and Bailey)- spend the weekends on our Boston Whaler, our home away from home. Beacon and Gloucester Harbor have brought my family together in a sense, providing us with a source of entertainment, fun, and relaxation that we can all enjoy. We wake up to the piping of seagulls, the hum of the sea breeze, and the hushed splashes of small fish. I usually spend my afternoons knee deep in a book (as of now its The Kite Runner), while my brother and dad fish off the bow of our be-loved sea vessel, named "Worthless Crew"-hence me sitting lazily in a beach chair enjoying my novel!

Through these experiences on the ocean, including boating, water skiing, fishing, tubing, or simply sitting on the beach, I have grown to appreciate the coexistence between humans and sea life, having invested a lot of time on the water to enjoy and experience the ocean that stretches along the coastline of Massachusetts.

However, many people have not had the opportunity to enjoy the ocean like I have that has given me such an appreciation for its conservation. I am excited to say that I have found a place where my interests and inspiration to bring people to the waters of our shoreline can be put into action! At STH/STB I hope to reach out to the youth of Boston through communication outreach, publications, articles, and participating in some of the events offered through Better the Beaches program that aim at restoring and reconnecting people with Boston Harbor and the surrounding Harbor islands such as Spectacle Island and George Island. I'm even more excited to join the fun and get out on the water myself (I've never been to any of the Harbor islands, and am DYING to check that off my list of summer activities!). Its a plus that our office building is located on a fishing pier along Seaport Boulevard-right next to the World Trade Center with a harborside view! Maybe I'll see some seals, who knows?

I attended my first Save the Harbor event this week- a brunch aboard the Provincetown II. I was excited to hear Bruce and Patty speak about what else this summer has in store for the staff and the Boston youths and teens!

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