Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Kicking off the summer, harbor island style

What a great start to the summer here at Save the Harbor, and the kids haven't even shown up yet!  We kicked off the day with some get-to-know-you activities at the Bank of America Pavilion before walking over to Long Wharf to catch the ferry out to Spectacle Island.  The group had a fun time exploring the beaches for artifacts, finding (amongst many items) leather soles, pottery pieces, ceramic spark plugs, a couple marbles, and an abundance of sea glass.

Boston from the ferry

Artifacts from Spectacle Island
Next we headed over to Georges Island.  We explored historic Fort Warren, learning about a particularly vengeaful soldier who unsuccessfully attempted to use a cannonball to pay his commanding officer back for refusing him shore leave; and we heard the tale of the Lady in Black, who found herself at the end of a noose after attempting to save her imprisoned Confederate husband who was locked away on the island.  After braving the pitch black tunnels below, we headed up to the top of the rampart for a final spectacular view of the harbor.

Fort Warren, home to the Lady in Black...
Despite getting caught in a rainstorm heading back to Boston in the afternoon, everyone returned inspired and excited for the start of what promises to be a special summer!

Stay tuned for more.

Andrew "The Lobsterman" Bauld
-Senior Harbor Educator

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