Friday, July 18, 2008

All Access Boston Harbor

David talking about Boston Harbor

Hello, my name is David, and I'm the host for All Access Boston Harbor for Save the Harbor/Save the Bay.

Today we had a very full boat with excited kids from all around the Boston neighborhoods, some of whom had never before been on a boat. There were quite a few more who were going out to Georges Island for the first time as well. Every day there are always many "firsts" and I try to identify them whenever possible. We saw the usual lobster boats on the way out to the island and, of course, Castle Island and Spectacle Island were still where they were the day before.

Once we got to Georges and everyone had their lunches many of us set off to explore the massive Fort Warren that encompasses the island. While we were looking for the infamous "Lady in Black" in the dark tunnel others were down on the beach with Laura looking for crabs and jelly fish, and anything else along the wrack line (high tide line) that one might find on any given day. Frankie had a group of kids with several of our kites high overhead, perhaps also looking for the "Lady in Black" from above?

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