Thursday, July 31, 2008

Team Quahog!

Greetings from Harry McDonough
This week it was all about Northern Sea Stars and digging for Quahogs to use as bait. Yea Team Quahog! Not sure what a quahog is? It can also be called a chowder clam or a hard clam. We had a lot of fun searching in the waters off the beach for these clams and we definitely got wet in doing so. These hard clams tend to bury themselves in
the sand and sometimes just a small piece is visible.

Northern Sea Star hunting was on the agenda every day this week. We found an area just before the bridge at Pleasure Bay where lots of big sea stars live. We even found one that was eating a mussel. Before bringing them back to our touch tank we had some fun sticking them all over our bodies! Here to the right is a picture of the 3 Save the Harbor educators with our sea star findings. ~ Kat


Aimee Y said...
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Anonymous said...

Searching for Sea Stars looks like alot of fun. I wish we could find some at our site. -Marissa

Anonymous said...

That was so much fun. Wish I could still be there. Andrea