Friday, July 11, 2008

Courageous Charlestown

Jenny and the kids pull up the crab trap. After the trap was pulled up Jenny watches as the kids explore the trap.They were very interested in what they would find. They found mostly male Red Rock crabs and sea stars. The kids also spot lots of moon jelly fish near the dock.

After pulling up the second or third crab trap of the day we found two more sea stars. And they were not all that small. When we first picked them up they felt as if they had shells. After a while in our hands they started to look and feel squishy. They were really cool to just let sit in your hand and watch.

When we found interesting and cool animals inside of the crab traps we thought the kids would enjoy looking at and holding we put them into a bucket and brought it up to the kids.The kids really liked seeing all of the different animals. They seemed to really like all of the Red Rock crabs and the Moon Jelly fish.

The kids even enjoyed touching the giant dead fish before we cut it up to put pieces of the fish into the crab traps. Even though the fish was dead they still found it interesting and enjoyable.

Our second or third crab trap and we already found six huge lobsters in one trap. Along with some Red Rock crabs. But the trap had more lobsters inside of it than anything else. It was so cool just to pull up the crab trap and see all of the lobsters just waiting to get out.

Getting to hold the Moon Jelly fish was really fun. They were so squishy and fun. The kids enjoyed knowing that they would not sting them. So they weren't afraid to touch and hold the jelly fish.

When we pulled up most of the traps we mostly found Red Rock crabs. We fond some females but mostly males. Most of the time we found them to be mostly the same size. But we did find some of the crabs to be alot smaller or a whole lot bigger and more mean than others.

Along with all of the normal sized Red Rock crabs the kids also spotted really small crabs on the deck usually after pulling up a crab trap. They really liked when they found little tiny crabs. They liked being able to hold them in the palms of there hands and not being scared because these crabs didn't have big pinchers.

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