Friday, July 25, 2008

Crabs, tunicates and skeleton shrimp...Oh My!!

In Dorchester this week, we headed to the docks with our crab traps and nets hoping to find lots of life in the water below. Everyone enjoyed bringing up the traps to see if any crabs were enticed by our bait. The hardest part is picking up the crab out of the trap to put in the bucket. In this picture on the right, we are grabbing the green crab by it's shell so it cannot reach us with its claws. By the end of our session, we were successful in catching about 15 green crabs!

While waiting for our traps to settle, we took nets and scraped the side of the dock. We were amazed to see all the different things living under the dock and on the pilings. We found blue mussels, skeleton shrimp, sea squirts, golden star and orange sheath tunicates. Who knew that we would find so many fouling organisms growing right beneath us!

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