Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Soundwaves 2008

This Saturday, I had the awesome opportunity to go on Soundwaves 2008. Supported by Mass Bay Lines, Soundwaves 2008 is a Blues festival to support Save the Harbor. We left Rowes Wharf at about noon, and almost immediately began enjoying the Blues music played on our ferry. After only a half hour, the boat reached Spectacle Island, where dozens of other boats showed up to dock and anchor and enjoy the music. Even people who were visiting the island to go to the beach had a great time coming up the pier and getting close to the music. Later that day, Aimee and I walked down the wrackline of Spectacle Island, checking out all the razor clam shells, sea glass, and animals that had washed up on the beach. We even saw a really unique-looking bird, which we later identified as an Oystercatcher. Getting back on the boat, we headed back to downtown Boston as many boats followed us, enjoying the last of the music on the trip home. Spectacle Island has come a long way from its days as a city dump and is now a truly incredible place to visit.


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