Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mad Scientists!

The kids in Quincy this week had the opportunity to try their hand at some science experiments.  Everyone put on gloves and safety glasses before beginning our experiment.  Safety first!  We took the air and water temperature and recorded our information in our log book. 

Using the water quality testing kit, we were able to measure the pH of the water at Black's Creek as well as some puddles in the parking lot.  
We found that the rain found in the puddle was more acidic than the water in the creek!  Next, we used pH paper to test other liquids in the area.  The Gatorade turned the pH paper bright pink, showing that it was acidic.  On the other hand, the bleach turned the pH paper dark blue, proving that it is basic.  Everyone enjoyed comparing the pH of all the liquids.  I think we may be creating some scientists!!



Aimee Y said...
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Anonymous said...

Nice activity to do since it looks like the kids are enjoying themselves =]