Friday, July 25, 2008

Stormy Piers Park

At Piers Park on Thursday, we had a very interesting day. A huge storm was on the forecast and we were unsure if we would even be able to get down to the dock at all. After a game of capture the flag with the sailing kids, the Harbor Explorers got their lifejackets on and grabbed some crab traps, and we decided we would test the weather the best we could. The first thing we did was check the lobster trap, and luckily there was one waiting for us. He was way too small (the legal limit is three and a quarter inches), but it was an exciting – and encouraging – way to start out the day. We ended up catching tons of green crabs and red rock crabs the rest of the day, with our eye constantly on the sky to see if the storm would ever move in. As noon rolled around, we headed back upstairs to the tent, broke down our gear, and got some lunch from the Piers Park Sailing Center’s free lunch program. No sooner were we in the tent then it started to rain! Looks like the weather was on our side on Thursday!


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