Thursday, July 24, 2008

Crabbing with Mussels

Hi, my name is Senait Adugna, I am a Youth Program Assistant for the Harbor Explorers Program at the Harry McDonough Site. (I'm wearing the blue shirt in the picture at right.) We do a lot of activities with the kids, such as crabbing and fishing. We catch many Spider crabs, Red Rock crabs, Asian Shore crabs, and Green crabs by using mussels as bait. The kids really enjoy finding and smashing the mussels. We spend most of the time crabbing and they don't get tired of it.

Sometimes we walk to the bridge to fish. I enjoy teaching the kids how to cast. We don't always have the best of luck, however, last week we caught two small fish. I enjoy working at this site because the kids always have great questions and I love being able to answer them.

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