Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Saturday on Spectacle Island

Friends and families boarded the Provincetown II on a cloudy Saturday morning and set off to the lovely Spectacle Island with friends at Save the Harbor. As the boat approached the Island dock, the clouds parted and sunshine lit up the sandy beach, grassy hills, and sparkling water. After capturing a quick group photo on the dock, kids sprinted to beach and up hiking trails to explore Spectacle's many treasures.

The entire group gathers on Spectacle's boat dock

The day was filled with leisurely walks on the beach, spectacular views of Boston and other Harbor islands from the top of the hills, and sea glass mosaic-making! There is nothing like the view from the Spectacle’s summit; this is a must-see sight for any Boston-lover.

Beautiful view of downtown Boston

The sea glass mosaic activity was my favorite part of the day. It was so entertaining to watch all the kids searching through the glass to find their favorite pieces then compiling them together to compose some beachy works of art. Some of the treasures included painted pottery, various colors of sea glass, and even old horse shoes! Katherine from Quincy found multiple treasures on the beach, including a crab leg, and used her sea glass finds to compose a tortoise!

Katherine proudly displays her sea glass turtle creation

Since the early 2000s, Spectacle Island has transformed from an unsightly trash site to an alluring public amenity as part of the Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area. Park rangers continue to emphasize the importance of picking up trash and recycling, and the park even hosts composting toilets!

Elliot shares Spectacle's unique history with the group

Seeing Spectacle now, in 2012, it’s hard to believe how recent its transformation was. Spectacle offers a close but exciting getaway for people looking to spend a day on the beach. It is definitely a destination for those seeking to enjoy a unique perspective of our wonderful Boston Harbor.

Jacqueline Sussman
Policy Intern
Save the Harbor / Save the Bay

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jelly andrews said...

Whoa! That seems a great escapade. Thank you for sharing your experience in Spectacle Island. I am also imagining myself in a place like that and picking up beautiful sea glass.