Friday, September 21, 2012

Ranger Elliott's Remarkable Summer on Spectacle Island

On Saturday, September 15 - with the summer season coming to a close - I joined Save the Harbor / Save the Bay and 278 guests on a free trip to discover the Treasures of Spectacle Island in the Boston Harbor Islands National Park.
Though the day began with grey skies, the sky was clear by the time the Provincetown II departed from Bay State Cruise Company's dock at the World Trade Center. I spent most of my time on the island taking pictures of the kids and families, many of whom took part in our free youth environmental education programs this summer, as they explored the island.
You can see my photos - and other photos taken by our other interns as well -  at Save the Harbor's  photobucket site.
Everyone I spoke with had a great day on the island and on the harbor - and left the boat with some great memories and stories to share with their friends and family - though they did have to leave the cool things they found - like beach glass and artifacts - on the beach.
While we were on the pier, Save the Harbor's Director of Communications Bruce Berman interviewed Park Ranger Elliott Higger of the Department of Conservation and Recreation, who has been residing in a yurt on Spectacle Island all summer.
Though her yurt had no running water or electricity, Elliot had a great time sharing the sights and sounds of the island she has called home this summer with visitors from around the region and across the country. It was undoubtedly a summer she will never forget.

I will also post an interview I shot of  DCR's Archaeologist Ellen Berkland sharing some of her remarkable stories of island life sometime soon!

Mike Murowchick
Policy Intern / Photographer / Videographer!
Save the Harbor / Save the Bay

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