Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Blue Cross / Blue Shield join Save the Harbor / Save the Bay for Beautiful Day of Service

On Tuesday, September 25, nearly 100 Blue Cross/Blue Shield employees joined Save the Harbor/Save the Day for a day of service, helping to clean up South Boston’s Carson Beach.  The Blue Crew’s participation in the project contributed to their 16,000 hours spent on 30 service projects across the area. 

Among the many participants were expectant mother Jill Aiello, of Pembroke.  Jill along with Scott McLaughlin of Scituate worked to trim dead branches and bushes that lined the beach.  Both were enthusiastic about the event and were happy to spend the beautiful day outdoors. 

Similarly, Donna Fox of Weymouth, and Paul McNulty of South Boston, also put in a lot of hard work cleaning up the park adjacent to the beach.  As I joined the friends in their efforts, I was shocked by the amount of broken bottles scattered in the grass.  Before the Blue Crew had a chance to help clean things up, it would have been dangerous for anyone to play in the park, because of all the sharp glass pieces.  Luckily, Donna and Paul were there to do their part and make the park a safe environment once again. 

Overall, the Blue Crew and Save the Harbor helped to clean up nearly a mile and a half stretch of beach.  It’s important to keep the beaches clean because they are free for the public to use.  Maintaining their cleanliness ensures that families and individuals will have them available to use for many years to come. 

What made the day even better was the beautiful weather we were treated to.  The sun brightly shone for the entire day, which encouraged people to work even harder.  I have to say it was amazing to see the difference in the beach by the end of the clean up! 

- Nathan 

Nathan Rossi
Communications and Development Intern
Save the Harbor / Save the Bay

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