Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sea Glass is Quite the "Spectacle" on Spectacle Island

I have to say, my first trip to Spectacle Island was quite a success.  Although the day started out rainy and cloudy, the sun eventually came out to brighten up everyone’s experience.  After leaving the ship, the Save the Harbor crew and our guests were able to explore one of the Boston harbor’s most exciting islands. 

All of the beaches were full of sea glass and other Treasures of Spectacle Island.  Families from all over the Boston area took the task of finding the most interesting pieces of shell and glass on the beach to create their own mosaic.  Dylan and his mother, Anne Marie, from Quincy were particularly successful in finding a whole bucketful of materials to work with. 
Once all of the treasures had been gathered, kids then used their creativity to shape the perfect design.  Little Gracie and her father made a fortress out of their sea glass. 
More surprisingly, these boys and their father from used their sea glass to form the US constitution.  Talk about your over-achievers! 
Of course, the trip was not all fun and games.  An important part of each activity was also finding trash and picking it up.  Park Ranger Elliot, challenged each and everyone one of us to collect at least five pieces of trash.  You might also find it interesting that there is not one trash bin on Spectacle Island, instead it is the visitors duty to bring all trash with them back off of the island.

Finally, one of the other highlights of the day had to be the hike to the summit of the island.  Once we reached the top, my fellow interns and I were treated to a beautiful view of the Boston skyline.  All in all, I cannot wait until my next trip to Spectacle Island. 

Nathan Rossi 
Communication and Events Intern
Save the Harbor/Save the Bay

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