Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Back and Better Than Ever.

Hey everyone,

        Today was actually relaxing and I entertained so many kids. So I was with Ray at the Treasure Hunt/ Fish Printing Station and we had so many creative kids do beautiful fish prints. There was a group of cousins that came to us and they all had a creative color ideas and they were such a cute family.

        Then a man came up and was taking pictures of the kids doing fish prints; he was from Time Magazine which intrigued many of the kids because they were surprised to see they'd be featured on something so extraordinary.

        It was a calm day and we made plenty of jokes on the boat there and back, we're a family and it's going to stay like that. I noticed that a while ago and it's a beautiful feeling to have a second family to turn to.

My friend with the pretty fish print.

         I would hope to continue working at Save the Harbor and to have a good time with the kids and just invest time into teaching them about the Boston Harbor.

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