Friday, September 1, 2017

Will Cullen- Development Intern

 Hi, my name is Will Cullen, growing up in Washington, DC I have always had a passion and curiosity to understand how the governmental and non-governmental organizations work. During this time I also developed a strong passion for wanting to help people in my community that were not afforded the same opportunities as me. I nurtured this curiosity by volunteering my time and completing my degree in Politics and History from Curry College in Milton, MA. Following graduation, I started looking for the right opportunity that could propel me to pursue those aspirations further. I have been living in Boston for three years now and I want to be able to effect change at a local level.  I believe working for an organization that not only promotes environmental awareness but also offers programs to educate youth in the community is awesome and inspiring. Being able to see how an NGO such as Save the Harbor finds its niche in the current political and social climate is an opportunity that I could not turn down. I hope as a development intern here, I can continue my journey of trying to effect that change. 

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