Friday, September 1, 2017

New Intern: Rish Narayanan

Hi all! My name is Rish and I am the Communications, Media, and Events intern for Fall 2017. I have a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Sociology and hope to pursue some type of masters in marketing and communication. My dream is to be involved with marketing, events coordination, and communications for an environmental conservation driven non-profit, and that’s how I found myself at Save the Harbor! I moved to Boston after graduating from Clark University in Worcester to get to know its local non-profits and cultural institutions before getting my graduate degree. I've also been at Save the Harbor for a little less than a month now.

There are three things always on my mind: birds, video games, and food. I am a bird mom and have cared for birds for over 13 years. Right now, I have a 2 year old pineapple green cheek conure who is my absolute sunshine! I’m also a huge gamer and can be found glued to a TV for hours (trying to get through The Last of Us right now, having a hard time emotionally). In terms of food, recommend a spot that has pescatarian, nut free options and I'm there (seriously, please recommend some). I love the city life and culture of Boston, and am absolutely ecstatic to be interning at STH. I’ve already been able to go on trips to Carson Beach and Georges Island, and have learned more in 3 weeks than I could have imagined.  STH has given me the opportunity to learn about the environment, local marine life, communications, media, press, and more. I can’t wait to absorb as much as I can!

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