Monday, September 18, 2017

The Best Day Ever

I had the most amazing day yesterday. I asked to be put on the job for the Spectacle Island trip. I skipped my pregame practice for this job and anyone who knows me knows that I never EVER skip soccer practice. But the All Access team had been planning this. We missed each other so much and wanted to see each other so badly. So we all signed up to work and see each other on Sunday. I can't explain how amazing it felt to give everyone a hug and be reunited. Sure we missed Kharliyah and her laugh, Henry's presence, and most of all Jenn the mermaid, but we couldn't be happier to see each other. Even though it had been nearly a month since we all worked together, it came back to us with no trouble at all.

I helped Amy check people in, Vince ran back and fourth giving us the count of how many people got on the boat, and Max simply observed us all. When we got to the island, we all split up into our separate jobs. Vince and I were in charge of hiking, Max, Qalid, and Marly were all fishing off the pier. After we finished our hiking session, we headed over to fishing. Now it really felt like old times. We all rotated casting, baiting, and helping the kids fish. The best part came on the boat ride home. We all gathered on the very top deck to sing with the entire boat our special sea shanty. It was amazing how the entire boat sang along with Chris the pirate and the STH/STB staff.

It made my heart fill with joy as everyone who stepped off that boat thank us genuinely and asked when the next trip would be. It makes me feel good because I knew that I contributed to their great day. Many of these people had never been to the island before and now they knew how special it was. One woman asked me what town we were in and I told her we are on Boston Harbor and she was shocked. She had lived in Boston her whole life but never knew that these islands existed.

Once we returned the supplies to the office, the All Access crew was leaving and I received a FaceTime call from Jenn. Everyone crowded around the phone and we all screamed hello into the phone. The smiles on our faces were like those never seen before. It was officially the best day ever.

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