Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Glad to be back

Well, the summer did come to an end, but Save the Harbor hosts year round trips to the islands, even in the fall. I was proud to be invited to work back at the site where it all started, Spectacle Island. However that day was different, David was not there, it was not the exact same team, and it was not a bunch of camps, there were groups of families. We gathered in front of the Dunkin Donuts checking people in, and when that was all said and done, we were ready to set sail! The Provicetown II set out  towards Spectacle Island.

I worked fishing that day, and there were a lot of mackerel around. Bruce re-rigged the rods to a unique double hook style, and taught us a new technique called retreating. When you cast the rod you don't let it go all the way down and pull the rod up every 15 ish seconds, and we saw mackerel all around, but unfortunately we did not catch any. People relaxed and enjoyed themselves at the fishing station, while others did hiking, and treasure hunting looking for the blue marbles that could possibly win you free Jet Blue tickets. People got their pictures and were entered into the contest, but that was how the day went, and I was so happy to be back!

signing off!
Qalid Hassan :)

 photo 117-20170810- STHSTB - colonphoto.com_zpsdp2hqq3v.jpg
where it all started
Le Mun Family_Belmont_Georges Island_8/31/2017 photo IMG_2311_zpsxzmaubi3.jpg
entered into the contest!!

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