Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Spectacle Island & North End Against Drugs

Spectacle Island  has been so much fun all summer long it's so sad that today was my last day coming here! Today I did fishing with Max and Qalid. We had families and friends who came to the island this time. We had fishing, fish printing, hiking and much more. We didn't have luck with fishing--I was the only one that caught a crab and I dropped it because it was going to pinch me. I missed touching crabs and interacting with the kids and families. I'm so glad that we have one more trip to Georges Island and I really can't wait to go.

On Saturday, I went to the North End Against Drugs. It was fun they gave us free cook out food and ice cream, apples, and much more. We had fish printing and it was fun when everyone passed by us and everyone was like "wow are those real fish"!?  The kids loved it. Parents also did some prints. I hope they do this again next year!

Holding a bunny at the North End Against Drugs event

-Marly Burgos

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