Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Climbing Ranks

For my last few days with Save the Harbor/ Save the Bay this summer I was given the opportunity to step up from my current role and act as a Senior Harbor Educator! It was definitely a new and different experience to take on the higher position within our work environment. From my experience as an LHE and working with past S.H.E. I was able to make a easy transition to getting my group to work to their strengths and cover for each others weaknesses! The fact that I was placed back at Pier's park brought me some comfort as I knew the programming for this site all too well.

These last few days at Pier's Parks my JPAs: Maeve, D, Jahari, Kamal, Imani did a phenomenal job at pulling their weight and engaging the youth! School is around the corner, and it was easy for a lot of the youth to have the mentality to be more carefree, but these guys were superb! They showed the same enthusiasm playing games similar to tag with the youth since the start of the summer. The site itself has changed over the years in some aspects as well! Seeing the Pier's Park team transition staff around as well as seeing folks rise to higher roles and the consistency in happiness levels of everyone makes this site astounding. At times I am envious of the opportunities the youth have, as I too wish I had the chance to be apart of the Pier's Park sailing center's Harbor Explorers program. I would like to give special thanks to Amy, Bruce, Chris, Patty, and much more staff for giving me this opportunity to work with amazing individuals to make a difference to not only the harbor, but the lives of the next generation!

In the many many years to come, if Pier's park sailing center is at least a fraction as to how amazing it was these past two years for me, I would have my children signed up to be apart of this program! This summer has been a blast, from all the days of working in the sun, running around like a mad man with children tailing me for yards, I have had a fulfilling summer with growth in my personal abilities as well as many days of laughter!

Have a great fall and I hope you guys have enjoyed some of my content,

Raymond Chai

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