Monday, September 18, 2017


This Sunday I went to Spectacle Island and I did hiking and flying kites with my FAVORITE, Patrice. Before we got on the boat we had to direct everyone on which way to go and it felt different to deal with families instead of groups or summer camps because the kids felt more comfortable and more outgoing with their families. It was also very nice to see everyone have fun, smile and laugh with their families, I have never seen so many kids have fun like today than the whole summer. The kids had so many questions on what we could do on the island and when they heard about the kites they almost went crazy!

         After we got off the boat I found out that I was assigned to fly kites and do hiking which was in my opinion the best activity on the island. It was pretty hard though considering that it was VERY foggy, we could not see the top of the hill or farther than about 20 feet away. It cleared up throughout the day, on the way back we sang Haul Away Joe at the top deck. The view was amazing it was one of the best rides back to land, I can't wait to come back!

Vince Vila

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