Sunday, June 30, 2019

Any Fin Is Possible with Save the Harbor!

Hey everyone! My name is Kathleen, and I was born and raised in South Boston, MA and will be joining Save the Harbor/ Save the Bay for my first summer as a Senior Harbor Educator (SHE).  I recently graduated from Elon University in North Carolina with a degree in Environmental Studies and minors in Political Science and Women & Gender Studies. The past three years I have spent my time working as a peer leader and educator, creating lesson plans for students regarding holistic health practices and information. My junior year of college, I spent four months on Semester at Sea, sailing around the world and taking environmental classes for credit. The past year, I have learned about and practiced outdoor, environmental education specifically at farms and gardens. I have an exciting urge to be outside, enjoy the planet we live on, and encourage others to do the same!

Semester at Sea, sunset in the South Atlantic Ocean.

9 year old me enjoying the harbor! Some things never change!!
As someone who grew up on and thoroughly enjoyed the harbor, Save the Harbor Save the Bay has been a household name for my family. Just in my short lifetime, there have been major strides to clean up the bay and educate people about the environment and our effects on it. Dedicating my summer to Save the Harbor will give me the opportunity to learn more about the harbor, teach others about it, and make an impact, no matter how big or small, on  the harbor and the communities surrounding it. I am eager to approach the SHE position with creativity, passion, teamwork, and fun!

Kayaking in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
Orientation week was a blast. I learned more about the historical and long standing efforts to clean the harbor. From the necessary trash burning at Spectacle Island to the waste treatment facility on Deer Island, I gained more in depth information on one of the cleanest urban harbors in the country. In terms of marine science in Boston Harbor, our fishing trip with Bruce Berman was something I had never done before. I learned more about how to properly hook a sea-worm for bait and how to make delicious sashimi and ceviche for a quick meal. My favorite part about orientation, aside from the exposure to new information and fishing techniques, was starting relationships with my fellow coworkers. Save the Harbor fosters a sense of community around Boston, but also within its staff. I could not be more excited to get to know my coworkers and get the summer started doing what I love!

Catch ya later!

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