Sunday, June 30, 2019

Hello from Jasmine!

O'Bryant Senior soccer squad
Hi, my name is Jasmine Bolanos but you can just call me Jasmine or Jaz. I graduated from the John D. O'Bryant School and will be attending the University of Massachusetts Boston this fall. Three words to describe me are athletic, kind, and energetic. One of my favorite things to do besides spending time with family and friends is play soccer--in high school I joined the soccer team. This was a really important moment in my life because although I already knew I loved to play soccer, joining the team wasn't just about playing the sport. In my four years of being a part of this team I had the chance to meet many people, build stronger bonds with those I already knew, and I found my second family. The girl's soccer team at the John D O'Bryant is full of some very strong, intelligent, and beautiful young ladies, whom I got the chance to call my sisters. Memories such as these is why I am excited today to have opportunities such as working with SHSB.

The main reason being that this job will give me the chance to learn more about the Harbor, and allow me to take this knowledge and share it with my community and its young people. It also gives me the opportunity to work outdoors and to work with a group of people to get to know them better, and do amazing things together.

During orientation I learned and experienced a number of things:

1) I learned that the SHSB has worked to make sure that the Boston Harbor cleanup is complete, transforming the once dirty Harbor into a place where surrounding communities can find recreational, educational, and economic opportunities. I found this interesting because I like how SHSB gives back to the community. By making the Harbor cleaner and more presentable it is offering a place where families can go enjoy one of nature's beauties.

2) From the short time I fished, I learned the the flounder has eyes on only one side, which although it's embarrassing to admit, growing up I used to believe that a flounder resembled the little fish in The Little Mermaid. Although learning this somewhat ruined my childhood...  (just kidding!), it was fun to learn about this sea creature and how it has eyes on only one side of its face and that it's flat and lies on the ocean floor. 

3) My favorite part of orientation was on Spectacle Island when we played games and got to know each other better. It was really fun to get know people in such a fun way and it also got me even more excited for what's to come. I can't wait to get to know these wonderful people I will be working with and to gain experiences and help each other out as a team. 



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