Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Save the Harbor/Save the Bay Kicks off the Catch of the Day Program

On Wednesday June 12, Save the Harbor/ Save the Bay casted off on its newest program, Catch of the Day, that hosts local youth groups on a guided fishing tour in Boston Harbor. 

The maiden voyage left at 12 noon from the Seaport as Save the Harbor welcomed a group from the Elevate Youth Program for a day filled with fishing, cooking and sightseeing around the Boston Harbor Islands. Along the waythe teens learned about the marine animals that live in the harbor and ways in which these animals all tie together to create the Boston Harbor ecosystem. At the end of the day, the new fishing enthusiasts had the opportunity to prepare and sample the fish they caught. Several hours later the group returned smiling, proud of all the fish they caught that day. 

The weather was perfect for spending the day on the water with Boston Fun Cruises’ Captain Charlie Gibbons as Save the Harbor staff shared facts about the history of the harbor and islandsSave the Harbor staff guided the teens through the process of learning how to fish and, by finding different spots around the harbor, nearly everyone on board got one on the line! Additionally, they got the chance to see these marine animals up close and learn ways in which they survive. Some of the marine life the kids had the opportunity to see included flounder, skates and crabs.  

Once all the fish were reeled in staff prepared the popular dish, Ceviche. Save the Harbor’s Bruce Berman demonstrated how to make the dish by combining chopped up striped bass and acidic fruit. Once the two were combined, the acid started cooking the fish and turned into a delicious treat for everyone to enjoy. Those brave enough sampled the fresh fish while taking in the breathtaking views. The day ended with telling stories and playing games as the boat made its way back to the docks 

Through programs like this, Save the Harbor/Save the Bay continues serve as the Boston Harbor Connection for the region’s kids and their familiesFree programs such as the Catch of the Day, are vital to connecting those who share in the $5 billion cost of the Boston Harbor Clean-Up but often do not share the opportunities to enjoy these spectacular urban natural resourcesThrough Catch of the Day, the kids on these trips not only gat the chance for an engaging on-the-water experience but also are exposed to sustainable seafood and recipes that take advantage to the living harbor. 

Over the summer, Save the Harbor will host 19 more Catch of the Day, bringing thousands of kids and teens out on the water, many of them for the first timeSave the Harbor/ Save the Bay looks forward to leading more upcoming trips that help share the Boston harbor and connect people all across Boston.  

A special thanks to Boston Fun Cruises, Captain Charlie Gibbons and all of our Youth Environmental Education Program partners for allowing us to continue to provide free cruises and fishing trips that help make these Boston Harbor and the Boston Harbor Islands accessible for everyone. 

Join us for our next trip and experience the beautiful Boston area through one of our many programs that encourage education, advocacy and exposure to the environment. 

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