Thursday, June 27, 2019

First week-Orientation

My name is Ambri, I’m from Boston. I’m from Mattapan and Roxbury. I go to Tech Boston Academy, I’m a Junior. I don’t like school so it’s just another part of my day.  I like to listen to music and spend time with people I care about and can laugh with. I’m interested in money, I love to make it. I’m excited to work this summer because I like kids, I vibe easily with kids, and I think it’s fun to get a piece of their mind. Kids have so much personality and Sometimes associating with them can be better with associating with older people. At the age 0-10 you have no worries, you just want to have fun. Therefore I’m going to have fun with these kids and stoop back to the mindset of being as care free as them. Fishing also is more fun then i expected. Also the new things i’m trying excites me at the same time. I never fished and stuff so this will be a different experience. I’m trying to start being more open to getting out of my shell, so this job will be another step. I learned that the Harbor used to be Gross, there was so much junk. They also have a sewage that keeps the harbor clean. I learned that in order to fish it takes patience and timing. I also learned the Harbor has over 34 islands and many more that are hidden, because they are underwater.

My favorite part of orientation was getting on the fishing boat and seeing the whole Boston from being far out on the Harbor. It was my favorite because it was a nice scenery and the (FREE) experience wasn’t mediocre at the least. #timetogetLit #moneymoneymoney #Ilovesummer

Ambri Hurston

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