Sunday, June 30, 2019

New Adventures

My name is Jay Gomez, I'm an immigrant from the Dominican Republic raised in Dorchester, MA. I am a Junior at the John D. O'Bryant School of Math and Science and I'm so excited for the next school year. Growing up I have always been an outdoorsy kid, if I wasn’t inside watching Avatar I was most likely playing manhunt outside with my friends. I love the outdoors and it shows through my obsession with soccer, I started playing when I was nine and haven’t stopped. This summer I joined the Save The Harbor team and I can’t wait for the new adventure in front of me. I love to learn about the world/environment and how I can change it for the better, which is why I feel like Save The Harbor is the place for me.
    Boston Harbor was not always what it is today. The harbor was an important part of American History, home of the Boston Tea Party. 300 years later the harbor saw a lot of pollution in the water due to increased population and sewage. Around the 80s, the concern for the harbor rose. A series of events caused the U.S. Government to file a lawsuit which resulted in the clean up of the Boston Harbor. The marine life at the harbor suffered greatly pre-cleanup, for example, the flounder fish who inhabit the waters used to turn up with ulcers and liver tumors. After catching a flounder myself during orientation, crew member Bruce explains how the improvements of the harbor show because the side of the fish looks healthier and white. This was my favorite part of orientation because I’ve never gone fishing until a couple days ago. It was a new experience for me and to learn that once upon a time the harbor was nearly black from pollution and marine life was challenged, now the efforts of many groups are being fulfilled which brings me joy. Orientation let me know that I am in for an educational and fun summer, which personally is the best way to spend a break. I can’t for what the following week brings and the challenges I may face.

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