Thursday, June 21, 2018

A Wonderful Morning with our Youth Program Partners

On Thursday, June 21, our Youth Program Partners joined Save the Harbor on the Provincetown III. With bagels, a Boston Harbor touch tank, art, and sea shanties, we celebrated the start of a summer filled with fun, free events on the region's public beaches.
President, Patty Foley welcoming our Youth Program Partners.

The morning started off with President Patty Foley welcoming our partners. Following Foley, Director of Communications and Strategy, Bruce Berman, explained the importance of our Youth Partners and their absolute dedication to the waterfront communities they serve. Director of Youth Programs, Winston Daley, emphasized that our Youth Program Partners have not only helped us save the harbor, but are part of the major effort to share the harbor and connect communities to the wonderful natural resources Boston has to offer. Rounding out the morning, Vice President of Operations Chris Mancini described initiatives such as our All Access trips to the Boston Harbor Islands as well as a new part in SHSB's curriculum, "Haul Away Together". Leading a traditional pirate sea shanty, a song of the seas, Chris explained that when we all work together with our partners and friends (or haul away together, you might say) we can accomplish anything.
You can't haul away together without singing Haul Away Together! Performed by our Youth Program Partners featuring Chris the Pirate.

Afterwards, our partners previewed various summer activities. Robin Reed, SHSB's Artist in Residence, taught our partners about this summer's new, interactive art installation: "Changing Course". We then had a chance to participate, painting plastic water bottles and shaping them to look like fish to explain the impact that plastics have on the ocean and its marine life.
Artist in Residence, Robin Reed explaining our collaboration with "Changing Course".

Speaking of the ocean and its marine life, our partners also experienced one of SHSB's Boston Harbor touch tanks! Filled with green crabs and one surprise sculpin, we learned all about invasive species in the harbor, regeneration, and what characteristics a green crab has! Our brave partners got to actually hold the crabs-- and everyone left un-pinched.
We named this crab Rosie.

Thank you so much to our community partners who joined us on Thursday, including Roxbury Youth Initiative, South Boston Neighborhood House, Piers Park Sailing Center, Community Boating, Youth Enrichment Services, and Winthrop Parks & Recreation, and the 124 community organizations who make the Youth Environmental Education Programs such a success. Our Youth Program Partners are indispensable, and a huge reason why we're able to offer free summer programming on the region's public beaches year after year. Thank you also to Bay State Cruise Company for a great breakfast on the beautiful Provincetown III!
Thanks for an awesome morning!

To stay tuned about our most exciting summer yet, visit our website, our blog, or follow us on social @savetheharbor. We can't wait to share the harbor with you this summer!

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