Thursday, June 28, 2018

SHE reporting for duty! Erin Dempsey

            Greetings from one of your 2018 SHE’s! My name is Erin Dempsey and I am a Senior Harbor Educator at Save the Harbor/Save the Bay this summer! I am originally from Virginia where I loved exploring the outdoors and tried to befriend every creature (including spiders!) as a child. I have always loved the ocean and after taking a school trip to Florida in seventh grade I knew I wanted to become a marine biologist!

            I was lucky to attend college in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina where I spent four years strengthening my passion for the ocean both in the classroom and out in the field. I spent all of college long lining for sharks and monitoring sea turtles- two of my favorite animals! The ocean however is more than these animals. It is full of plants, plankton, and microbes that are necessary for a healthy ecosystem! When I wasn’t in the classroom or out on a boat I was participating in beach clean ups and talking to the public about what they can do to help keep the beaches clean.

Prior to entering college and during the summers away from the beach I spent a lot of time working with the local park authority in Northern Virginia. During these periods I was able to run stream clean ups and educate both children and adults of the impact they can have on the ocean ecosystems that seemed so far away from Washington, D.C.

            The impact Save the Harbor/ Save the Bay has had on Boston Harbor is inspiring and reminds us all what a community can accomplish when they have a unified goal. I cannot wait to start indulging in all that Boston Harbor has to offer and begin educating kids and adults about the exciting things they can participate in on the bay! 

Sea you out there!

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