Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Stewardship Day on the beach at Curley Community Center

Save the Harbor/Save the Bay staff teamed up with Boston 25 News and Manheim New England on June 13th, to participate in a beach clean-up at the Curley Community Center.

The Curley Community Center, located in South Boston, provides a wide variety of programs to area residents and its club members, including access to three beaches on Boston Harbor.

On Wednesday the group of over 30 people helped to make the Curley Center's stretch of beach more accessible and clean. The weather stayed warm and clear all day for groups to split up and tackle various areas of work. Those on the beach helped by sand-raking and trash pick-up along the shoreline. Large and potentially harmful rocks were also cleared away by the team, so that beach-goers can enjoy the sand with their bare feet.

Another team of people collected litter outside on the Curley Center's grounds. Walkways and racquetball courts were also swept clear of sand that had been blown over by the wind. A small ditch was also dug along the cement walkways to catch future sand moved by the wind. Others were able to do weeding on the Curley Center's property, while another group took inventory of Curley Center supplies and children's toys, cleaning them to be fit for use.

This day of service was part of Save the Harbor's stewardship program, a collaboration with our corporate partners to help preserve, maintain, and improve the region's spectacular waterfront resources. This summer, in addition to Boston 25 News, we've also partnered with Boston Properties at Victory Road Park and with Hines at Squantum Point Park. Particularly after the winter's wicked strong storms, these beaches and waterfront parks have seen an increased need to remove debris, rebuild pathways, and restore sand. Save the Harbor is proud to work with our partners to contribute to ensuring these recreational resources are in the best shape they can be all summer!

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