Thursday, June 28, 2018

Let's get this summer started! Hello from an SHE

Hi there! My name is Meaghan Cuddy and I am a Senior Harbor Educator for Save the Harbor/Save the Bay’s youth program this summer! I am a native of New Jersey and recently moved back east from the Gulf Coast of Texas, where I spent three years completing my Master’s degree in Marine Science. My research focused mainly on the important roles marine plants like seagrasses play in informing us about the health of our estuaries and waterways – healthy plant communities support higher levels of the food chain (like Boston’s famous fish and lobsters), keep water clean, and stop erosion. Basically, if you love Boston Harbor you should thank a plant today! 

Getting my snorkel on while doing some fieldwork - this site was a little
warmer than Boston Harbor, but they're both amazing marine ecosystems!

But other than plants, I am super passionate about environmental education, scientific literacy, and increasing public access to science and nature. I think that every member of the community should feel connected to their local natural resources and understand why they are important, so when I heard Save the Harbor prides itself on being the “Boston Harbor Connection” I knew I was in the right place! I love that Save the Harbor is committed not only to protecting the amazing natural resource of Boston Harbor but also ensuring that local communities experience and enjoy their own marine backyard! I am so excited to spend this summer working with the awesome youth program staff and introducing thousands of young people to their harbor. Whether we’re fishing, trapping, fish printing, or collecting marine plants (my own personal mission), I know that we will be learning so much together, and I can’t wait to get started!

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