Friday, August 7, 2009

All Access Goes to Spectacle!!

Today our trip on the Virginia C-II took us to Spectacle Island, a place filled with history and fun. Spectacle is the tallest island in the Harbor. This island, once a dump, provides great views of the entire Harbor and the city. I was very lucky to get on this trip!
After a quick lunch with a great waterfront view, the kids really enjoyed climbing to the top of the southern hill and flying kites! It was a small struggle at first to get the kites in the air, but soon we had them flying high. One kite soared up hundreds of feet in the air! I had no idea we would get a kite to fly that high. After that, we were able to cool off in the water at the beach right next to the pier. Overall it was a great day and a nice change of pace for me because I don't get to go on the All Access trips too much. We also had perfect weather today, making the trip even more enjoyable. I hope I can go back soon!

-Tom Regan

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