Friday, August 21, 2009

And So It Begins

The reason I title this last blog the same as my first blog ever for Save the Harbor Save the Bay is because the end of one this is always the beginning of new explorations, experiences, knowledge, and friends. Although this may be the end of the Summer Program that I have loved and been a part of for 7 weeks now, it is the beginning of much more. I have made tons of important connections with sailing centers around Boston that I never knew existed. I have seen beaches I didn't think Boston was capable of having and maintaining. I have made friends older and younger that I did not expect to make. I have successfully joined an organization that is doing what I am interested in as well as propelling me farther into the marine biology field. I would like to thank everyone that has been a part of allowing me this incredible opportunity (whether that be directly or indirectly, large or small). I can only hope that the kids I worked with and the staff surrounding me this summer had half as much fun as I did. I thoroughly enjoyed every day and was reminded how lucky I was to be able to hold my position with this organization. For all of you who have read our blog site and kept up to date with what we have been doing, I hope we were able to portray how great a summer we actually had. Please enjoy the rest of what's left of your summer and remember that the Harbor is for everyone to explore.

All the wonders (not only the harbors around here) of the vast, mostly unexplored oceans are waiting to be explained. Explore the unexplored and explain the inexplicable.

Farewell to one of the best summers I will personally ever have.

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