Friday, August 21, 2009

An Awesome Summer

Hi it's Marissa and sadly today is the last day at work and I am truly going to miss it until next year. I had such an awesome time working with all of the awesome people at Save the Harbor and I loved all of the kids that I worked with as well. I am so sad that this summer is over. I think out of this whole summer and out of the many awesome things that I got to do and the awesome places I got to go I honestly have to say I had the most fun at South Boston.

This has been one of the most awesome summers of my life. I got to work outside and with awesome kids that loved fishing, crabbing, and just made the job worth while. I can't wait for the awesome summer next year. I really enjoyed this summer and its really going to be hard to top it.

Talk again next year and I'll be sure to bring the awesomeness


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