Monday, August 17, 2009

The Luck of the Irish Has Nothing On BJ

So apparently BJ is a fisherman's dream. Whilst working at the Quincy, Dorchester, Camp Harbor View rotation, we have caught one flounder and two skates. BJ has been one of my assistants 2 of the three times we have caught anything, one of the skates he caught himself.

We've been having some great days in Quincy and Dorchester mixing it up with scavenger hunts and races to see who can catch a set amount of minnows, crabs, hermit crabs, etc. with bonus items to add points to your final score. We've also had some intense games of Marine Science "Pictionary" coming down to some heart pounding, guess screaming overtime tie breaking rounds.
Conor and I have recently learned how to do the dance "The Jerk" at Camp Harbor View, but Conor decided to show them a little of the homelands moves.

We have enjoyed some beautiful weather these past few days and today were lucky enough to be at Piers Park with the water fountain in the park, which Rob so thoroughly enjoyed as he frolicked about with the kids in the park. We've continued catching more crabs than one would think possible and are enjoying our last week with the programs.

Enjoy the sun as much as we are!


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Laura said...

pshhh- the luck of Irish sure has worked for me in Charlestown!