Friday, August 21, 2009


Thi here again.
This is the last day of the youth program at Save the Harbor/ Save the Bay. Most of the staff is here to say their goodbyes. I had an amazing time this summer. Going on the All Access trips, Camp Harbor View, and Quincy was really great. The Harbor Islands provided me with a rollicking good time. Throughout my journey here as a staff member for this selfless non-profit the joy was constant and ubiquitous. Could my summer have been any better? Could I have guffawed in a more vivacious manner every day with the amazing staff here? All signs point to no.

Today in office cleanup we hung up all the signs various kids have drawn throughout the summer and a plethora of memories came rushing into me, filling me with a sense of joy I had not been witness to in a few months at least. All the shining faces of all the jovial youth who came out to the Bank of America Pavilion and how overjoyed they were to be drawing and learning about the marine life they were about to see; I am rarely so proud of myself. To see my own work fill kids with knowledge an curiousity, I do not think I could ever feel such a gift upon my shoulders. I can't wait to do this again next year!!


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