Monday, August 17, 2009


Hey everyone again! It's Thi, a junior program assistant. This is the last week of programs at Save the Harbor/ Save the Bay. I am very sad that it is ending so soon. I have had so much fun working here this summer. All of the sites have had some really unique kids and awesome ocean life. I have especially enjoyed taking kids out on a cruise to the harbor islands (George's and Spectacle). It was not so bad that Boston dumped all their trash on Spectacle because we were able to get some of our kites up to tremendous heights standing up on top of all that buried garbage.
At times, our kites have rivaled some of the planes taking off out of Logan. We have also had lots of fun on our adventures throughout Fort Warren on George's Island. I also had a lot of fun at Camp Harborview and Quincy. Catching fish was a blast! I don't want this week to end!!!

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