Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Few Visitors!!

This morning was an extremely exciting morning over at the Bank of America Pavilion. Yesterday we baited our lobster trap with a mackerel (a type of fish) and this morning we hauled up the trap and found not 1, but 2 lobsters in the lobster trap. Not only were we able to share the lobsters we caught with the kids, but we were also able to share them with my hometown and Dorchester’s very own City Councilor Maureen Feeney!

It was great she was able to come and show her support. The kids enjoyed her presence. The kids were also enthused about watching the lobsters in the touch tank. One of the lobsters we caught was a decent size and the other was an infant. The kid's curiosity and interest was accompanied by many fun and interesting questions. One of the kids was a lobster "expert", so we let him answer the questions he knew. This was a fun learning experience for everyone. Let's hope we have another catch (or two) tomorrow!! I can't wait to see.

Until then,
Alice Binns

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