Monday, August 17, 2009

A Long and fun Monday

Today Ross, Rob and I were at East Boston. The kids there were so active and excited. When we first got there we played a game of capture the flag. It was really fun and the kids seemed like they really enjoyed it. After our fun game we went down to the dock to crabbing, on the little rafts, or to just see what we could find around the dock.

The kids really liked being on the rafts. They also liked seeing what they could find around the dock with the dip nets. They mainly found mussels, seaweed, anthropoids, and a whole bunch of other critters. After our fun journey down at the dock the kids wanted to get wet because it was so hot out. So we took all of the kids to the water fountain. They had a lot of fun there getting wet and being able to cool off in the cold water. I also had a lot of fun today.

Hoping for more fun days to come


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