Friday, August 7, 2009

Fishing 101 Begins

On Monday this week, we successfully ran our first session of Fishing 101 at the Boston Children's Museum. We brought some rods, bait, and other fishing gear down from the office to the wharf next to the museum. When we got there we immediately found some excited anglers-to-be. Everyone was excited to catch some fish. Some of the earlier attendants got the first crack at it and within minutes, our first fish was caught. It was a choggie, just like the one we caught the week before. Everyone hanging around was able to get a real close look at it before we threw it back in the water safe and sound. After that, we continued with our fish and caught even more. Throughout the course of the program kids were able to reel in another choggie, and several crabs (by fishing rods and by crab traps). We ended the day on a high note by releasing all of our catches from the day back into the harbor. Fishing 101 is run on Mondays from 11-1 at the Children's Museums. Any kid interested in becoming a master angler should come check it out.

See you there,

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