Sunday, July 16, 2023

3rd year at STH!

 Hello, My name is Harry and I just graduated from Boston Latin School I will be going to Northeastern University. I was born in Boston and I'm from Dorchester I have a few hobbies like gaming, piano, and powerlifting. I've been playing piano for more than 10 years now, but I mostly use my free time working out in the gym and playing video games. I don't really have anything interesting going on during my day because I'm just working, going to the gym, repeating, and then sleeping. I also really like watching anime whenever I have the time.

This year I will be starting my first half at the Children's Museum! My first week at Children was very fun because I got to teach so many kids how to fish and it's such a nice atmosphere to work. Although it was really hot it was all worth it because I was able to teach kids all about the amazing Boston harbor. My group is amazing and I'm so glad I will be spending my first half of this job with them. I was also able to go to CHV again and that was also really fun because I saw some people I met last year still working on that island

My favorite part of orientation was the fishing trip because I got to see my old friends again and go fishing on a boat which is something I'm usually not able to do. I didn't catch anything that day but I'm just happy to be out in the water once again this summer.b I hope I get to know my coworkers more while working because everyone here is amazing and nice. I'm excited to learn things I didn't in my previous years and have another amazing summer with Save the Harbor 

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